The head of the Department of Environmental Safety is Vyhovska Anna Pavlivna (candidate of technical sciences, senior researcher).

The purpose of the department: to increase the level of professional knowledge and competence of environmental workers, managers, environmentalists of enterprises and organizations, officials and specialists of executive authorities and local governments, representatives of environmental NGOs and businesses.

The main directions of educational work of the department:
- professional training of employees in the field of waste management;
- environmental and industrial safety when working with hazardous waste;
- minimization of radiation and chemical effects on the environment and its modeling;
- methodological support of insurance of dangerous industries of Ukraine, their personnel and the environment;
- modern management of the labor protection system in the industry in accordance with international standards;
- teaching disciplines: "Management and waste management", "Civil protection", "Occupational safety in the industry", "Environmental insurance"

Areas of research activities of the department:
- environmental safety in the sectors of the national economy;
- waste management and waste recycling;
- development of strategic, conceptual and methodological bases for solving the problem of waste in Ukraine;
- analysis and forecasting of risks from man-made pollutants;
- modeling of accidents and losses from the activities of hazardous industries during environmental insurance;
- development of criteria for business entities that can participate in open bidding for the purchase of services for the collection, procurement and disposal of waste as a secondary raw material.

Information and educational work of the department:
Conducting advanced training courses.

Course topics:
"Professional training of waste management workers".
"Environmental and industrial safety in the management of production and consumption waste."
"Environmental and industrial safety when working with hazardous waste."
"Waste management at the enterprise level and preparation of permit documents"
"Fire safety measures and labor protection in the field of environmental protection".

Department staff:
Oleh Andriiovych Ulytsky, Doctor of Geology, Professor of the Department;
Yermakov Viktor Mykolayovych, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department;
Zakhmatov Vladimir Dmitrovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department;
Luneva Oksana Volodymyrivna, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department;
Kozachenko Tetyana Petrovna, associate professor of the Department;
Buglak Alexandra Valentinovna, senior lecturer of the Department;
Boyko Kateryna Yevhenivna, senior lecturer of the Department;

tel .: 206-30-35,

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